We, Nacho and Txema Ballesteros, created "twinsFactory" as an artistic alias to sign our projects.
Our works range from short films in digital video to audio-visual proyections and photography.  

After finishing our studies in Computer Engineering, we did a Masters Course in
Digital Animation at the University of Salamanca (Spain) and obtained a scholarship
to research on Technology and digital Art.  

At this time we started working for a Digital Animation company where we were working for five
years. Afterwards we moved out to London and we have been working in the British Media industry.  

In our works, we always try to create a visual impact: Images surrounded by mystery which tell a
story beyond. The stregth of these images lies in the decontextualization of the characters in a
dense atmosphere charged with symbolisms. Therefore, The spectator can make a double reading.
On one hand, there is the first impression. On the other, a journey to the deeper meaning of the
work: the message that we pass on.