PostApocalypticInstances Series

HANDS_DRESS 1/5 - 2010

PostApocalypticInstances” was our first series of video art projections back in 2010. We wanted to create some videos as a metaphor of the individualistic society in which we live.

CRYSTAL_TREES 2/5 - 2010

DESERT_CALL 3/5 - 2010

LOCUST 4/5 - 2010

ESCAPIST 5/5 - 2010

PostApocalypticInstances”  was exhibited at the Modern Art Museum of Salamanca Da2 as part of our first solo exhibition on 2011. It was also exhibited at the Biennial Exhibition of Young European Artists that took place in Thessaloniki (Greece) in 2011. Then in 2012 it was exhibited at the International Film Festival of Media del Campo.